Yoga Exercise – Eyes (Palming)

The yoga phrase is also called “union” or “oneness” and this phrase yoga is derived from the Sanskrit phrase yuj, it imply ‘to hitch.’

Eyes Palming Train

Advantages: –

1. Palming relaxes and refreshes the eyeball power.

2. Stimulates the stream of the aqueous wittiness, the fluid that runs between the cornea and the lens of the attention, aiding the alteration of defective imaginative and prescient.

Methods to do:

1. Sit gently and shut the eyes.

2. Therapeutic massage the palms of the palms collectively energetically till they develop into scorching. Set the palms softly over the eyelids, with none extreme pressure.

three. Expertise the warmness and power being transmitted from the palms into the eyes and the attention muscle enjoyable.

four. The eyes are being bathed in a soothing darkness.

5. Keep on this state of affairs till the warmth from the palms has been absorbed by the eyes.

6. Then decrease the palms, preserving the eyes closed.

7. Once more rub the palms collectively till they develop into scorching and place them over the closed eyes.

eight. Do once more this course of no less than three occasions.

Word: Make certain the palms and never the fingers to cowl the eyes.

Comply with Observe:

1. The advantages are higher if the train is skilled in entrance of the rising or setting solar.

2. Take heed to the heat and light on the closed lids.

three. By no means look instantly on the solar apart from a couple of preliminary moments when it’s simply rising or when it’s about to set.


“Yoga just isn’t an historic fantasy buried in oblivion. It’s the most useful inheritance of the current. It’s important want of as we speak and the tradition of tomorrow.”

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