Yoga and Restless Leg Syndrome

Stressed leg syndrome is a dysfunction that causes uncomfortable, pressing emotions within the physique. It’s thought-about a neurological sleep problem. These with stressed leg syndrome can have quite a lot of signs together with an insatiable want to maneuver or shake the legs, a crawling sensation, or a tickling or itching feeling. Many individuals with stressed leg syndrome additionally expertise twitching or jerking of the limbs throughout sleep. Sensations aren’t restricted to the legs, and should have an effect on the arms and even limbs which were amputated. The reason for stressed leg syndrome is unsure, however in some instances, there could also be a connection to iron ranges within the blood. Sure drugs have been proven to trigger or contribute to stressed leg syndrome, as nicely.

Options for Flare Ups

Presently, there isn’t any recognized remedy for stressed leg syndrome. The most typical remedies embrace a every day mild train routine, chopping out caffeine and different stimulants, and establishing a extra restful sleep surroundings. Along with yogic practices getting used as day by day train, specific asanas may help relieve the signs of stressed leg syndrome. Finish of day yoga and meditation routines may also help the sufferer create a secure night and relaxed thoughts for bedtime.

Virasana, or Hero’s pose, is superb for serving to with signs of stressed leg syndrome. Since there are quite a few modifications, it’s accessible for the brand new practitioner and the seasoned yoga scholar alike. Whether it is inaccessible for the buttocks to relaxation on the ground, the practitioner can sit on a bolster, pillow, or folded blankets. The prop you select can slide between your legs and relaxation beneath your pelvis. Knee ache can be addressed with a towel behind the knee or by bringing the practitioner’s pelvis up greater off the bottom with a bolster as talked about earlier than. The pose may be held throughout meditation, or because the practitioner watches tv within the night.

Legs up the Wall pose is sweet for aiding circulation inside the legs. The pose must be held for 5 to twenty minutes, relying on the convenience of the pose for the practitioner. If there’s discomfort within the again, a bolster or blanket could be positioned underneath the small of the again. The legs may be held at a proper angle to the physique or may be moved into butterfly with the ft touching and the knees folded out and away from the centerline. These yoga asanas may also be useful as a morning follow, to assist put together the physique for a wholesome day.


Though I’ve coated lower than a handful of asanas, any yoga posture that releases nervous power from the legs is appropriate. Asanas like Standing Ahead Bend, Downward Canine, and Goddess Pose launch rigidity and nervous power from the physique. If power is constructively launched from the physique, it ought to enhance your odds for much less stressed leg syndrome flare ups and a wholesome sleep session.

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