Vegan Meal Prepping for beginners, like me! :)

DISCLAIMER: I’m a newbie so if there are any phrases that aren’t vegan, please be happy to tell me 😉 Any assist from a vegan lifer is far appreciated.

Humorous Reality: Re-Watching this video I observed there was feta cheese. I'm making an attempt to get my husband to do it with me, however like most he thinks I'm loopy. In order I packed our salads I had so as to add in Feta for him and provides him ranch dressing. One-baby step at a time. I simply barely began making lunches for him so over time I determine there might be a time the place he might be absolutely depending on myself making meals for him so he could have no selection….muah ha ha ha HA!

In case you are a newbie vegan or easing your approach into veganism like me then this video will aid you prep when you’ve got a typical 9 to 5ver and don't have time to make your breakfast and lunch. For Dinner I’ve an excellent recipe for zucchini spaghetti. Simply make sure that to make use of vegan cheese. So technically that video is semi vegan (Face palm)

Zuccini Pasta Video:…

Comfortable Wholesome Vegan:…
Freelee the Banana Woman:






12 thoughts on “Vegan Meal Prepping for beginners, like me! :)”

  1. Great video 🙂 I’ve got tons of vegan meal videos on my channel if you’re
    looking for inspiration…I’m not a raw vegan but you may get an idea. I
    love how you prepped before hand…makes it easier later in the week!

  2. Here we go. It sure would be nice if all the websites would say something
    like SUCESS when you click a button. You never know if the subscribe
    button worked or not. I like your ideas I make sorbets the same way put
    banana any fruit you like ice in the blender and you have a sorbet, add
    apple juice and you end up with a smoothy. Get fancy and add herbs like
    mint or cinnamon whatever’s appropriate for what you are making and it
    makes the end product that much better. I appreciate that you didn’t talk
    too fast like some of the vegan videos. Slow and calm easier to absorb.

  3. *Here is a couple of my favorite vegan authors to read.*

    Sergine and Joel Le Moaligou
    Areni Manuelyan
    Deborah and Roby Jan Moorhead
    Jade Sanders and Lamont Thomas
    Joseph Andressohn and Lamoy Andressohn
    Silva Swinton and Joseph Swinton

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