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Vegan Fried Hen is the very last thing this southern vegan thought she can be making about three years in the past. I all the time knew that fried hen was the one meals (meat) that would knock me off my vegan horse. I grew up in Atlanta, GA, the place fried hen and scorching wings are subsequent to God. Now, I’m in a part of veganism the place I’m beginning to assume mock meat is probably not so dangerous. I had a mock crab cake the opposite day and the primary ingredient was vegan hen. It was not dangerous in any respect. So at present we’ll veganize the one and holy, fried hen.

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Vegan/Vegetarian Fried Hen
Yields: 2 Vegan Fried Hen Breast

What elements do it’s worthwhile to make vegan fried hen:

three half cups canola oil, for frying
2 teaspoons salt free seasoning mix
1 1/2 cups all function flour
three tablespoons dietary yeast
three tablespoons yellow mustard
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoon baking powder
2 vegan hen breast (I’m utilizing Gardein)

How you can make vegan fried hen:

Warmth canola oil over medium – excessive warmth in a big pot or deep fryer.

Whisk the salt free seasoning, all function flour, and dietary yeast to a shallow bowl.

Combine collectively mustard and water in a separate bowl. Stir 1/three cup of the flour combination to the mustard.

Whisk baking powder into the remaining flour combination.

Dredge, dip and coat, the hen breast into the mustard after which the flour, one by one.

Fry the hen till crispy and golden brown.

Take pleasure in your vegan fried hen.

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23 thoughts on “Vegan Fried Chicken Recipe – Southern Vegetarian Fried Chicken – Vegan Soul Food”

  1. I have been looking as well for a great mock fried chicken (my weakness too
    ) recipe- the gardein actually makes a mock fried chicken which is as good
    or better than any fried chicken nuggets I ever had- but as I get more into
    the healthy lifestyle I want to get away from the soy protein isolate which
    is what the gardein is- so actually funny to see you using it- it is yummy.
    Try their fried chichen and cook it in the oven and you wont need any prep-
    but (sigh) I will have to keep looking for something without the soy
    protein isolate:)

  2. Not into processed foods myself, to many things in the ingredients. I have
    learned to eat cleaner and make 98% of my chick’n (fried, baked,
    bar-be-qued, etc.) from seitan. I also make my own sausage, roasts, and
    “ground” crumbles too. I love knowing and being able to explain my
    finished yummy products and boy do I save money try it!

  3. I’ve just made the decision to be a vegan this year. Thank you so much for
    your videos! You have all the things that I can make for my little
    indulgences from time to time ;P

  4. Tried this today and it was especially great because my husband who loves
    fried chicken LOVED this! Vegan dinner including the fried corn, cabbage,
    green beans and cornbread. Seasoned the veggies with garlic & onion salt
    free season blend and smoked paprika. 

  5. come on girl, how can you deny yourself fried chicken? you said it
    yourself, it’s in your southern soul, think about those bbq ribs you’re
    missing too.

  6. why do people complain so much? If you don’t like it just move on. What
    good does it do for you to moan and whine about this and that? Everyone
    just complaining about everything instead of trying to see some good or
    positive in their lives. Must be a sad exitence….

    To the video poster: Thanks for the recipe…looks interesting and worth a
    try. :)

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