vegan food haul

Hey in todays vlog im again from Paris and I perform a little little bit of vegan meals purchasing. WE additionally make pesto pasta yum!

Hope you enjoys todays vlog xx




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24 thoughts on “vegan food haul”

  1. Hey Hollie 🙂 theres an app called “is it vegan” on the app store and it
    les you scan food labels and will tell you if its vegan 🙂 – dont no if
    that will interest you but it helps me when in supermarkets sometimes xx

  2. Hey hollie, love your video as always.
    Do you still have your massive 8-10 banana smoothies like you did in the
    beginning? Or do you have half – I.e. Share with your boyfriend? X

  3. Where do you store all that food? Your fridge must be massive! I’m trying
    to eliminate dairy to see if I’m better without it as I’m often bloated.
    Love your videos. They’re really inspiring :)

  4. Hollie, your content is always fun and you’ve kept me going through RT4,
    which I only started a month ago. I slipped back a wee bit last night, but
    doesn’t matter. Back on track today 😉 can I ask where you got your Thai
    coconuts from, a few weeks back? I just use coconut oil instead of butter
    and Tesco’s GF pasta is way better than Asda’s. xxxx

  5. If your having more cravings for chocolate wait till Easter is over. That
    way the vegan chocolate bunnies are so much cheaper especially in
    sainsburys or asda:) I got the Santa chocolates after Christmas and they
    were reduced from a pound to like 30p:) and btw where do you get your
    straws from?!:) xx

  6. Hi Hollie, do you take an Iodine supplement? You are right that too much
    salt is bad for you, but Iodised salt is essential for Thyroid hormone
    regulation and also neurological function. Your enthusiasm is contagious
    and it’s great to see you in such a happy place! Hugs! Emma xx

  7. i buy the same pasta as you. I would buy brown but they don’t have it at
    tesco. I think they or sainsburry do gluten free brown spaghetti which i’d
    advice you stay well away from as it sticks together, absolute nightmare.
    Did you just plonk the pesto on the pasta with nothing else??? ive never
    used pesto before as i don’t understand what it’s for. I made a peanut
    butter curry the other night which you may like. It’s basically your
    vegetable plus 1/2 can of chopped tomatoes. 1/2 tsp cumin,150ml water and 2
    heaped tablespoons of smooth peanut butter. You should try. I wish also you
    would put more of your recipes up on your website, think you only have 3 on
    there. I need more recipes!! lol especially your pizza one. What do you do
    for bread??? i feel alot better having stayed away from it on my detox
    thing but need to re-introduce it at some point as i like it. Was thinking
    about a bread maker as i want to stay away from all the processed

  8. I use the Biona Cocomega Coconut Spread and it’s great. I’m not vegan but
    lactose intolerant and allergic to soy. I really like these vids Hollie –
    please keep making them as they’re so inspiring and you seem like such a
    nice person. 

  9. Hey Hollie really enjoyed this vid! Quick question how comes you don’t buy
    organic fruit and veg? Do you think it’s a waste of money?

  10. I’ve been so busy with work and training classes – I miss you Hollie!!!!
    You’re right, all I want is a check in! It’s the 18th and you posted 3 days
    ago!!! I feel like I’m out of touch! Nice haul! Jai is so damn cute!
    Love you two!!! 

  11. On Deliciously Ella’s website there’s a recipe called “Nutritious Nutella”
    and it’s a vegan, natural Nutella. Apparently it’s one of her most popular
    recipes. Maybe you could try it and vlog it for us? :)

  12. I love looking at what you buy at food shopping. If only I lived in the UK.
    We get good food in Australia but you get some really different stuff
    sometimes. Would love to see some more vegan recipes you do!

  13. Do you tend to have higher fat on the days your work out? Your evening
    meals look amazing but with the pesto or the coconut milk based curry I
    would imagine you are more 10% fat than 5%? I would love if you would do a
    breakdown of what you are eating, calories fat and protein, as well as how
    that syncs with your workout calories. Love watching your videos, you are
    really energetic and genuinely lovely x

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