Vegan Food Haul (Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s)

Vegan, entire meals plant-based meals buying haul. With a bonus "embarrassing" painful story on the finish. It's a superb factor I’ve robust vegan bones with the best way I fall! I'm very clumsy and have had many accidents, however I’ve by no means broke a bone 🙂
This video/haul was 2 weeks in the past.




22 thoughts on “Vegan Food Haul (Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s)”

  1. That nasty crack in the pavement may have caused your fall. Here’s a good
    one: Two summers ago I’d been lifted overhead and hugged and my head banged
    into a wall by a falling hugger (I was too heavy?) and got a huge hematoma,
    next day I was out walking with my forehead injury and shouldn’t have been,
    and turned my ankle very badly on a piece of bad concrete, fell, tore
    tendons, badly sprained the ankle, it was purple and swollen badly and I
    was lame for weeks, along with the forehead hematoma slowly going down and
    the blood under the skin making me look like an MMA fighter. So yeah, we’ve
    got to be careful. And I didn’t go to any doctor, treated myself, and
    everything healed up fine on this inadequate vegan diet, lol, even though I
    was convinced the ankle was broken (it evidently wasn’t). Btw, nice food
    haul, wow, that must all last a month or more.

  2. If you get the dried beans in the bulk section of whole foods its almost
    always cheaper per pound! Last time i went they had pinto beans for 1.99 a
    pound and the bag was 2.39 for one pound!

  3. Lately, I’ve been enjoying Earth Balances’ white cheddar puffs after my
    local grocery store finally got them back in stock. Doesn’t taste much like
    cheddar but it’s unique ‘veggie’ taste is excellent.

    Sorry to hear about your fall, but the warning sign they put together is
    hilarious ;)

  4. Great video! I love seeing what other people, especially vegans, eat. My
    mom is in love with Trader Joe’s’ frozen mango. She thinks it has the
    ripest taste; I agree too. This makes me want to do a grocery haul at some
    point. Thanks for sharing. 

  5. I felt so bad for you falling and hurting, but their sign is so funny, I
    did get a laugh, lol.
    I’m a new subscriber, I love your videos 😀
    Our family has been vegan for 3 years and frequent TJ, this video helped me
    realize many other vegan products and meal ideas. Thank you so much!

  6. Omg ur stores over there are so damn cheap compared to here. If I bought
    that much at wholefoods here it would’ve been twice as much if not more.

    I’m so sorry you fell but that sign is hilarious

  7. Hi! Thanks for sharing both your haul and your story! I buy a lot of frozen
    veggies/berries myself. I never know then I am call to work, and I am
    single so frozen is the best alternativ for not waisting sometimes

  8. poor sweet baby, you’re always so kind, generous and nice and giving and
    loving in your videos, that would really hurt me if i saw you fall, i would
    try to help you, if you needed any help. i’m super athletic and have taken
    all kinds of falls in the process of doing things, but i just roll with and
    get right back up, but i’m also very conservative about trying to be
    careful about injuries, so far i haven’t had any, it’s mainly stupid people
    that are the hazard, you just can’t expect too much of people. anyway, i
    hope your ok and thanks for all the kindness and information you put out in
    your videos.

  9. Oh no! I’m so glad you’re ok! I’ve taken some nasty spills lately too (
    mostly in my home lol). From now on you know that’s really your sign right?
    Great healthy haul! I’m looking forward to your crusted extra firm tofu
    recipe ;D

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