People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time

“Why do I have to be informed that it’s gonna soften and stretch?”

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Remoted cheese chunk
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23 thoughts on “People Try Vegan Cheese For The First Time”

  1. “Animals are my friends…and I don’t eat my friends.” George Bernard Shaw
    said once.
    he is right..Btw I’m not vegan.i eat meat..but when that quote comes to my
    mind everytime I’m about to eat meat i feel horrible and i try not to think
    about it.

  2. Americans don’t know anything about cheese. Yep, i’m french…
    People must watch Cowspiracy, Gary yourofsky’s speech and Earthlings. And
    only then they can open their mouths.

  3. No! Most of these cheeses you’re supposed to cook/melt before you eat it!
    Like the daiya cheese. Also cheddar/mozzarella daiya cheese is way better.

  4. why is okay for animals to kill and consume meat but its cruel for humans
    to kill and consume. we have thrived and survived off of meat i have
    respect for vegans and i understand why you think it’s cruel but come on
    would we have survived without killing animals. would we have survived
    without there fur to keep us warm throughout the winters. we should
    actually be thanking animals because without them we would have gone
    extinct along time ago. 

  5. I ate grilled meat with a portion of provologne cheese today and was
    delicious 🙂
    I know I help killing animal but, even if I turn vegan, I will anyways be
    detriorating the lands by overfarming it. That will cause ALL animals to
    die. Plus, to make lands able to farm vegetables and fruits, they oftenly
    take down forests with animals that, with no home, will eventually die.
    Conclusion: If you don’t grow your food in your backyard, you’re helping
    killing animals.

  6. When presented with blended, strained, flavored and aged nuts, these people
    say “Ew, that looks gross. It looks processed and fake”.
    But when presented with a cow’s lactation that has been boiled, strained,
    disinfected, flavored, mixed with extracts from calves’ guts and left to
    age, they say “Mmm, I love cheese. Looks so good”.
    Are you fucking kidding me?

  7. It’s kind of absurd for veggie products to try to imitate dairy and meat
    products. There’s so much more to being a vegetarian than a freaking veggie
    burger or a tofurky.
    There are all kinds of grains and seeds and legumes and seaweeds and nuts
    and vegetables and fruits that can be combined in so many creative and
    nutritional ways.
    I refer you to the Macrobiotic diet. If you’re really serious about
    becoming a vegetarian Macrobitic is great way to start. 

  8. I think its kind funny that many vegans, go out of their way to try and
    find foods that >mimic< animal based foods. None of these products are cheese, NOT ONE, they are substances pretending to be something they are not. Same goes for fake meat, why the hunger for the flavor of meat? I once tried vegan salami, I almost puked. I have one life to live, I am going to enjoy it, and continue eating animal products, like milk, steak, bacon, all in moderation, simply because I know that Million of years of evolution cannot be wrong, I also eat veggies, and fruits, grains etc. I am an omnivore, like my ancestors and like yours. Humans have never in the history of mankind been totally vegan. we wold not be here if they were. Vegetarian , I can get, but never vegan.

  9. There are vegan products that taste extremely similar to animal products.
    People go vegan for the sake of animals, we can’t stand that living things
    are tortured and well, murdered for our consumption. If you think they have
    a painless death you are wrong, research Factory Farming. There is nothing
    humane about it. I highly respect vegans, I’m still working on going fully
    vegan but it’ll happen. 

  10. Would vegans accept human milk cheese or dairy products as a substitute? I
    mean, it’s not like you’re killing or exploiting a helpless animal to get
    it. It would be voluntarily given with consent by a human under humane
    conditions. Just curious, since that seems to be one of their big hangups
    against animal products. Also, you can’t argue that human milk isn’t
    nutritious or healthy for humans, which also seems to be a major hangup
    they have against animal products.

  11. I love vegan cheese. Vegan Gourmet is acquired but I assure you it doesn’t
    even smell that bad. Its a bit grainy and has a slimy feel to it at first,
    but I think its pretty good. The Trader Joe’s American cheese slices are
    delish though. If that wasn’t my first introduction to vegan cheese, I
    would probably be put off by the idea of vegan cheese.

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