Organic Vegan Food-Animation For Kids and Adults

If we would like peace in our soul, then why would we put trauma of one other in or on our physique. LIVE with Well being and INTEGRITY…Thanks for BEing or contemplating a VEGAN life so YOU and others might LIVE!

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Ⓥ Mom Nature is telling us that we’re Vegan Beings (Plant-Based mostly Eating regimen) – epidemic ranges of illness and environmental destruction! At this level of our evolution, people are biologically Herbivore/Frugivore:……

If we would like Peace in our World – Hearts-Minds-Our bodies-Souls – why would we create and eat violence? Thanks for being and/or turning into Vegan so ALL might LIVE!
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20 thoughts on “Organic Vegan Food-Animation For Kids and Adults”

  1. this is stupid kids can’t just eat veggies kid have to have some meat to be
    healthier kids won’t grow up strong by eating beans and broccoli p.s I’m
    not saying that veggies are not good for you

  2. Adorable. But I’m not sure how it relates to veganism. Those farm animals
    seem happy to be on the farm, which is not at all the message of a vegan

  3. What’s the difference between steak and hamburger? 1,000 cows. Will never
    make an animal sacrifice for my selfishness again. We will only find peace
    in the world when all parents raise their children vegan. Thanks for
    sharing! 1 <3

  4. Uhm, nothing against veganism. You guys are great, but this is not a
    ‘vegan’ video. It was made by that organic growers association and it’s
    about supporting ALL organic growing and rearing. It’s a bit odd to find it
    here being portrayed as a vegan only message.

  5. Hi! We human animals are not designed to eat other animals: veganzeitgeist.
    BUT, we are a bewildered herd, and have been told/SOLD many stories to keep
    us diseased (disease is VERY profitable). PLEASE let me know if you find
    even ONE biological marker that we are omnivorous; other than our erroneous
    dis-eased “behavior”! Guess this omnivorous “belief” is why we are living
    ONLY half our lifespan of 120-150 years!

  6. mmmmm yum yum organic chicken and eggs and milk and beef and lamb,gorgeous
    organic vegetables .balance and need we don’t need to go to the
    extremes,one eats too much pork one eats too much meat or only meat and one
    eats only veggies.i think lots of veggies are good and help us poop without
    pushing too hard–fibre power!plus we look younger and we are healthier and

  7. hello veganzeitgeist.what makes us different from animals is that we do
    philosophy ,and if we knew the truth about god our philosophy would
    gravitate around his teachings and not those of humans.he tells us that
    there is of course a spirit of the age that is contrary to his own spirit
    in that everyone promotes self own erroneous thoughts and all people are
    indeed alienated from him.of course peoples philosophies are animal as is
    their need to eat flesh .what people choose to eat is now a belief?

  8. organic food is much needed by all children. this is because organic food
    is a food that is very far from toxins, especially pesticides. with the
    growth of healthy foods that our children would also be nice.

  9. whatever you may choose to believe you will always eat whatever they give
    you and you will also pay for it because it is from the hidden dictator of
    this are not producing nothing but you could produce your own
    food with seeds from the one that created them in truth.because the best
    food is that spiritual and people would even die for what is true.there is
    truth and there is lie.are you worried about your lifespan?there is a
    simple truth to that, that we were made to live forever

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