Lazy Vegan Food

ice cream critiques:
Turtle Mountain So Scrumptious (dairy free) Ice Cream
Oasis Meals
Galaxy Dietary Meals
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25 thoughts on “Lazy Vegan Food”

  1. I will say you are the sexyest girl i have ever seen. 😀
    I just started on my Vegan Journey not long ago.
    I was wondering isn’t the oraganic food in the packages Artifcal Junk
    wouldn’t it be better to eat fresh Raw Fruits and Veggies instead of this
    weird package stuff?

  2. Gardein is AMAZING! They even make fish fillets…vegan fish. WHAT?! Every
    time gardein goes on sale at our local grocery store, my roommate and I
    literally pack the freezer, and panic when there’s not enough room. Even
    when I was a vegetarian, I preferred gardein over boca and morningstar
    products. So much better. LOVE daiya too! I wish I could eat more daiya and
    gardein but it is fairly expensive. They’re part of the reason many
    omnivores think veganism is more expensive, but if you budget well enough
    you can actually cut you grocery bill a lot and afford yummy treats like

  3. I have bought online, yet also went a long way with Beanitos Chipotle
    BBQ/Hot Chili Lime Puffs, Tempt Hempmilk chocolate flavor, & plenty of
    premade raw vegan items such as burgers, cheesecake, cookie dough, pizza,
    etc. in natural food stores in Cali…

  4. You should check out Amy’s Dinners!

    I think that’s what they are called. They are getting really popular, they
    are sold at walmart. They have vegetarian and vegan and they are non-GMO.
    Their vegan chili is AMAZING!!!!! 

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