Is Yoga a Modern Fad? Part 1

Yoga has advanced, shifted, and altered dramatically in its lengthy historical past however by no means has it seen the kind of progress and explosion of curiosity as within the final decade. As a philosophy and a bodily follow, it has unfold all through the globe, removed from its unique residence in India. It has taken america by storm and tens of millions of us apply regularly. What’s the rationalization for this sudden curiosity? Did we attain a tipping level when yoga turned the brand new fad, the brand new cool? Or perhaps, individuals are really keen on turning into extra enlightened and self-aware? What does yoga symbolize to the people who apply it and did we pay a worth for making it mainstream? 

Of the folks that do yoga, there are two giant camps that folks might have unknowingly settled into. The primary is individuals who see yoga as a type of bodily train carried out with the intention of getting healthier, stronger, and naturally extra versatile. On this camp there’s little room for the religious, mystical, and esoteric aspect of yoga and positively not a lot reverence for its lengthy historical past or its profound and delicate results on the thoughts of the practitioner. Out of this camp come unusual remixes of yoga poses mixed with acrobatics, cardiovascular routines, and power constructing workouts.  

Within the different camp, we discover people who find themselves conscious of the religious aspect of yoga. These are people who research the scriptures, know concerning the historical past, apply meditation, mantras, respiration workouts, and sanskrit chanting. With this group, religious retreats are widespread and journeys to India and ashrams are talked about as if they’re common and even essential elements of life.  

Clearly, these two camps are the extremes and many individuals fall someplace in between nevertheless it amazes me how few individuals within the first camp understand that there’s extra to yoga than the downward canine and the headstand. That is extraordinarily unlucky as a result of yoga just isn’t solely a bodily apply with a religious elements, it’s a complicated and multi layered system of creating the human physique, thoughts, and spirit for the journey of self exploration and transcendence of the thoughts into larger realms of consciousness. This can be a bit exhausting to swallow at first, however its truly fairly easy.

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