Hippocrates Health Institute

Located in West Palm Beach, South Florida in a 50-acre sub tropical woodland paradise, Hippocrates Health Institute offers the ideal setting where one can nurture and develop full potential for realizing optimum health and wellness.

Over 60 years ago the institute’s founder Ann Wigmore developed a simple but profound concept first quoted by Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, over 2000 years ago: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Ms. Wigmore devoted her life to developing this concept together with the brilliant Victoras Kulvinskas into a comprehensive health institute that helps people to tap into the vast, unlimited inner potential to transform their lives and maximize health and wellness. Since 1980 Hippocrates Health Institute, a not-for-profit organization has been jointly directed by the loving and caring hands of Brian and Anna Maria Clement together with the guidance of a highly qualified and compassionate staff of healthcare professionals.

Hippocrates Health Institute incorporates the latest in nutritional research together with the cumulative clinical experience gained over the past six decades, combined with non-invasive remedial and youth-enhancing therapies, state of the art spa facilities and services, counseling and inspirational talks on health and life principles.

The goal of the Hippocrates Health Institute is to help people to embrace responsibility for their wellness whereby an existence free from disease and needless pain can be attained, and a long life of quality health can be realized. Happiness and health are two of life’s most precious possessions, leading to positivity, passion, joyfulness and peace that in turn leads to a long life of optimum achievement.  This ideal state of health is not achieved by luck or chance. As with all things worth having, it must be given priority and caring attention. This lifestyle can be more easily maintained with proper guidance and care.

The three-week Life Transformation Program; Hippocrates’ signature wellness program has been developed to make the transition to optimum health as comfortable as possible, and within the reach of all. Our team of professional medical care servers provides caring attention and a supportive environment to guide guests as they transform their lives, and assist recovery from their health challenges. During graduation stories of regaining wellness in what some might consider miraculous, are shared and are in fact typical of those who have embraced the lifestyle encouraged by the Hippocrates Health Institute. Even after graduation Hippocrates will provide periodic, lifelong, written counsel to all guests.

Hippocrates Health Institute also provides a Health Educators Program (HED) of extensive learning into the practice and teachings behind the Hippocrates Lifestyle based on the principal of “Left Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”, as quoted by the ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates. The HED, a nine-week program combines comprehensive learning into the benefits of a raw, plant-based diet with complementary therapies essential to forming the basis to a career path to help others, along with a well-rounded approach to ones own life.

At the hearth of Hippocrates Health Institute is a raw organic plant-based diet consisting mostly of highly nutritional sprouts and enzyme-rich living foods, in the form of a large salad buffet, green juices and wheatgrass shots. Hippocrates holistic approach to health and wellness includes transformation of the mind, body and spirit combining diet, exercise and a positive, stress free approach to life.