Are Tattoos Vegan?

Is my tattoo vegan?

Many vegans overlook this necessary query concerning the tattoo they’re contemplating: are tattoos vegan? The brief reply is– if you don’t already know, it in all probability isn’t. Whereas there are artists who ink vegan, you want to perform a little research to seek out those that do. Additionally, there are some conventional artists who use vegan ink, however should use non-vegan elements elsewhere.

Tattoo components

The tattoo ink (or pigment) is suspended in an answer referred to as a “service” answer. The needs of the service embrace:

  • Holding the pigment or ink combined evenly to keep away from blotching
  • Making if simpler to use the ink
  • Disinfecting the whole answer

Non-vegan parts might embrace:

  • Glycerin (by-product of animal fat)
  • Some pigments (similar to black pigment is constructed from charcoal from animal bone ashes, additionally known as “bone black”)
  • Needle lubricant (might include epinephrine which is probably not vegan)


Non-vegan parts might embrace:

  • Aftercare merchandise (many include beeswax, collagen, lanolin or egg whites). These embrace A&D Ointment, Tattoo Goo, H20cean and Technicare.

How vegan tattoos are totally different

Vegan artists are dedicated to their craft and their way of life. With a view to accommodate each, they could:

  • Substitute vegetable glycerin for the normal glycerin
  • Use natural vegetable inks *many conventional artists use vegetable inks due to their reputation
  • Use vegan anesthetics
  • Supply vegan merchandise for aftercare(might embrace Dr. Bronner’s, Triclosan)

Earlier than you get your tattoo:

DO Ask for a referral, if potential, to a vegan tattoo artist or an artists who inks vegan.

DO Ask about different elements of the process, resembling anesthetics and needle lubricants.

DON’T Blindly belief an advert or an indication. Enter the tattoo chair knowledgeable and assured in your artist’s vegan talents.

DON’T Overlook the aftercare! Do your analysis and ask your artist for merchandise designed particularly for vegans.

ALWAYS Comply with your tattoo artists directions for aftercare. They know greatest and, in any case, you wouldn’t have chosen them within the first place in the event you didn’t belief them!

So, now that you realize that there are things like vegan tattoos and the best way to determine totally different elements of the method that would slip-up an in any other case unaware however well-intentioned vegan, go and get that tat! Proclaim to the world that you’re completely, 100% vegan, by means of and thru!

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