An Important Connection – Yoga & Veganism

The idea of ahisma, which stipulates that folks ought to attempt to reside in a non-harmful and non-violent method, is central to the philosophy of yoga. In line with a 2008 survey by The Yoga Journal, 7% of People commonly follow yoga. The logical conclusion from this ballot is that the yogis accounted for on this ballot acknowledge that ahisma is on the coronary heart of the peaceable custom they’re perpetuating and attempt to include this precept into their every day lives. Nevertheless, the truth defies this logic.   Whereas 7% of People apply yoga, just one.three% of america inhabitants follows a vegan eating regimen. A mean American consumes a minimal of 31 animals per yr, thereby contributing to the monetary success of the violent meat and dairy industries. The distinction between the share of yoga practitioners and vegans in America reveals that many individuals hypocritically ignore yoga’s peaceable philosophy whereas trying to reap the bodily advantages of a yoga exercise. Maybe a assessment of the essential connection between yoga and veganism all through historical past will encourage meat consuming yogis to mirror on their ethics and provides veganism a attempt.

Yoga isn’t just about gaining trim thighs and a lean torso. The apply of yoga is hundreds of years previous and hails from India. Patanjali, the daddy of yoga, is believed to have created The Yoga Sutras round 200 B.C. as a way of achieving enlightenment. Along with ahisma, which is taken into account probably the most vital rules of yoga, Pantanjali based mostly yoga’s philosophy on satya (fact), asteya (non-stealing), brahmacharya (sexual duty), aparigraha (non-greed), niyamas (observances), saucha (purity), santosa (contentment), tapas (austerity), svadhyaya (research of self), isvara-pranidhana (open-mindedness), asanas (bodily postures), pranayama (breath), pratyahara (sense-withdrawal), dharana (focus), dhyana (meditation), and samadhi (contemplation). Within the part of his writings entitled Yamas, Pantanjali states that those that apply yoga ought to chorus from consuming meat out of respect for the rules on which yoga is based.

So why is it that so many yoga practitioners flip a blind eye to Patanjali’s peaceable philosophy? Briefly, most individuals dismiss veganism as an choice as a result of they consider will probably be an excessive amount of of a problem and since they lack the self-discipline to change ingrained dietary habits. The refusal to undertake a vegan way of life is a mistake that causes individuals to overlook out on the philosophical and religious advantages of working towards yoga. If individuals solely take heed of asanas (bodily postures), then they don’t seem to be really experiencing yoga; they’re simply stretching.

In the present day there’s little purpose for yogis to not at the very least attempt a vegan food plan as a result of there are a number of packages out there to assist make the transition to a vegan way of life simpler. Gobble Inexperienced, The Vegan Society, PETA, Vegan Motion, and Vegan Outreach all supply help for brand spanking new vegans. Gobble Inexperienced particularly provides a Vegan Starter Package that features a week’s value of meals in addition to a guidebook to assist make vegan dwelling hassle-free. Go to Gobble Inexperienced for extra details about this non-violent, environmentally pleasant firm. Incorporate veganism into your life and benefit from the philosophical aspect of yoga in addition to the bodily advantages.  

Source by Jennifer Clary